Up-to-date notifications

We’ll notify you during service launches when our operator is getting close through your preference of text, email, or phone, so you can move your vehicle, or simply enjoy the show!

Trusted and reliable

We have extensive experience with fleet and property management through our years of summer and winter property maintenance work. Our customers know through their experience with Snow Squad that they can count on us. Period.

Easy on your property

Traditional snowplows can cause damage to cement, lockstone and sod. The Teflon edge on our snow throwers ensure minimum contact with your driveway.

Unlimited snow removal

After 2 inches of snow accumulation, we offer snow removal an unlimited number of times throughout the season. This includes returning after the city plows have left an impassable bank.

Avoid big snow banks

Our snow-throwing operators are skilled at positioning the snow in a safe location on your property. Increased visibility when coming out of your driveway means a safer start to your day.

You need Snow Squad

Make the most of your time this winter. Join thousands of happy customers and discover why Snow Squad is Billings best snow removal company.